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All Testimonial

Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Dr. Holland was my Clinical Supervisor while I've been doing my student teaching. She has been a fantastic mentor. I've been able to learn how to become a more successful teacher through her constant encouragement and genuine feedback. My teaching has greatly improved under her counsel and guidance. Dr. Holland is a wealth of knowledge and expertise. I would highly recommend Dr. Holland. Thank you, Dr. Holland!
Date of Posting: 09 March 2018
Posted By: Ashley Igleski
Dr. Holland -- thank you very much for an excellent course and introduction to CU-P's doctoral program.

Late summer I was very disappointed when I did not get accepted into an online EdD program at Arizona State U. but now I am seeing the providence of this during / after my 1st term in this program. I would have NEVER had a writing course like 600A, instructors like you and Dr. Franklin are such excellent cohort / fellow students in the CU-P's doctoral program.

Thanks for your guidance and support--merry Christmas and happy new year!
Date of Posting: 20 December 2017
Posted By: Joe Vrazo
Hi Dr. Holland. All good things come to an end. I am submitting here my week 7 assignment with mixed tears because of the depth and the conversation your course has ignited in my soul. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Date of Posting: 12 December 2017
Posted By: John Kasongo
Dr. Holland,

Thank you so much for your ongoing support, encouragement, and positive feedback! I enjoyed this class very much, and I appreciate all of your time and effort in helping me and other class members be successful!
Date of Posting: 12 December 2017
Posted By: Dea Wheeler
Dr Holland made a difference in my personal and academic life, not only she provided consistently high quality teaching and mentoring, but she built relationships. She shows compassion and professionalism in a unique balance.This helped me in great way to received an enrich experience in Capella. She is a true model of Capella values when interacting with her, she did not let me give up! I could count on her for encouragement and knowledge. Her positive, discipline, organized and outgoing ways pushed be to be a better student, professional and person.
Date of Posting: 04 December 2017
Posted By: Graduate Student
Dr. Alise is a lot more different person from any I have met before, she's so into community building. Well done professor!
Date of Posting: 26 November 2017
Posted By: Njeri Wambui
Dr. Holland was a great Clinical Supervisor. She provided me with a lot of helpful insight and tips. I highly recommend her!
Date of Posting: 26 November 2017
Posted By: Carly Jo Dalbey
She is an amazing woman!! I heard her speak at Harvard University last week and we all loved her!
Date of Posting: 26 November 2017
Posted By: Christina Minoguchi
Dr. Holland was my dissertation chair and she is excellent. I had a mixed methods study and she gave me the guidance needed to FINALLY pass QRF!!! She is accessible and gives you the correct resources to help you along your journey.
Date of Posting: 26 November 2017
Posted By: Stefan Smith
Dr. Holland was my mentor for my Doctoral Capstone. Without her guidance and support, I would not have completed all my requirements. Thank you for everything.
Date of Posting: 26 November 2017
Posted By: Lory Jane Valencia Danao

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