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Dr. Holland works successfully with doctoral learners in the role of either Dissertation Chair or Committee Member in the following content areas: Doctor of Management, Doctor of Business Administration, Doctor of Education, and Doctor of Organizational Leadership.

She does have availability to take on additional Dissertation Mentoring/Committee Requests. Please contact her using the contact form with your specific information about your proposed study, including research design, program information, and specific school in which you are enrolled. Please contact me regarding my availability using the contact form.



Dr. Holland has no openings for middle school math students or no opening for high school math students who are interested in online math tutoring.
  You may contact me to be placed on a waiting list for an opening. If you are in college math classes, please contact me for my availability.




In Spring 2018, Dr. Holland is teaching the following courses:


 EDDT 641: Leading the Learning Organization (Doctoral Level) 


In this course learners will be introduced to the importance of a learning organization as a system. Students will focus study on creating a sustained organizational learning environment that enhances the learning capability and intellectual capacity that will result in individuals and organizations with a strategic advantage. The appropriate use of knowledge will allow the scholar practitioner to explore practices and behaviors which promote individual and organizational learning and growth, as well as identify barriers which may prevent effective knowledge growth.




This course is for PhD students who are working on their dissertations.


RES 710 Statistical Research Methods and Design I (Doctoral Level)


This course is for PhD students regarding quantitative research statistics, including SPSS.




This course, Nine Lives of Scholarly Writing, provides opportunities for doctoral students to develop and refine their scholarly writing during the first year of the education doctorate in order to become successful writers in both during and beyond their academic career. Writing craft development occurs through peer writing groups, close study of published texts, and interaction with faculty writers. Course topics include writing article abstracts and analyses, critiques, and literature surveys. Strategies for reading critically, organizing and developing thoughts, choosing appropriate vocabulary, and revising their own writing are also covered. Students write and revise various genres of scholarly writing throughout the year-long workshop, culminating in a revised draft of the first Comprehensive Connection paper.


Working with Dr. Holland or taking one of Dr. Holland's Online Classes and Need to Speak with Her?

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Please make sure that you select the correct course and include details about the reason for the call so that I can plan accordingly.






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