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Meet Dr. Holland



Dr. Alicia Holland is one of those rare people who can say she is an educator, professional tutor, instructional designer, curriculum developer, online professor, life coach, consultant, speaker, and author and mean it. She started her teaching career at the age of 20 and later earned her doctorate degree in Education from Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida in 2010 at the age of 26. Her God-Given talents and skills have attracted clients such as school districts throughout the United States, state agencies, and other leading learning organizations, including in the private sector.

Dr. Holland consults with tutors and other learning organizations both large and small. Her tutoring blog for tutors has been online since 2010 and she coaches tutors around the world. Typically, she speaks at major conferences each year on topics in education, including tutoring. Dr. Holland is an online associate faculty member at Concordia University Portland where she teaches doctoral level organizational leadership and writing courses in the School of Education.

Also, Dr. Holland has held appointments as an online professor at Ashford University, American College of Education, and Everest Online where she served in the capacity of Internship Supervisor for Bilingual and English Language Learner Educators and taught various courses in Education, Life Skills and Critical Thinking. Additionally, at Capella University, in the Graduate School of Education, she taught various courses in Education and currently serves as a Dissertation Mentor for Doctoral Learners. Lastly, Dr. Holland teaches doctoral level research courses, serves as either Dissertation Chair or Committee Member, and just wrapped up a faculty appointment of serving as Lead Area Faculty Chair for Research and as a Research Fellow at the University of Phoenix. She was awarded and recognized as one of the 2016 Research Fellows for her research on Meditation, Mindfulness, and Critical Thinking.  Dr. Holland and her research team presented the original research at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada back in July 2017.

Outside of Academia, Dr. Holland is a Transformational, Intuitive Life Coach and Ordained Spiritual Minister. In September 2016, she presented her personal development presentation, Changing Your Client's Story through Personal Power at Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts. In November 2017, Dr. Alise shared research on "Integrating Flower Essences Therapy and Intuition in Life Coaching" at the 8th International Conference on Traditional & Alternative Medicine in Paris, France (City of Love & Freedom). Currently, she is the award-winning radio host of The Alise Intuition Radio Show and The Tutor Outreach Radio Show.

 When Dr. Holland is not developing new content, life coaching, tutoring, teaching, or consulting with her clients, you can usually find her sight-seeing and spending quality time with her family enjoying the Desert Sunrises and Sunsets.



For Tutors & Tutor Business Owners

Take a data-driven approach to becoming a better tutor or expanding your tutoring practice. With Dr. Holland blueprints you are destined to do what you love by serving others. Interested?

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For K-12 Educators & Administrators

Are you looking to learn how to take tutoring to the classroom? How can your school incorporate a data-driven tutoring system that will increase student achievement significantly? Find out how Dr. Holland can help you.

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