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Speaking Brochure
25 Oct 2018 Thu International Tutoring and Teaching Symposium Phoenix, Arizona
14 Sep 2018 Fri Turning Your Knowledge into a Brand: Interactive Workshop Phoenix, Arizona
19 Jul 2018 Thu Canadian Tutoring & Teaching Symposium Toronto, Canada
14 Jun 2018 Thu California Tutoring & Teaching Symposium Long Beach, California
23 Apr 2018 Mon International Spirituality and Holistic Wellness Conference Phoenix, Arizona
16 Apr 2018 Mon National Tutoring Association Tampa, Florida
16 Nov 2017 Thu 8th International Conference on Traditional, Alternative Medicine & Acupuncture Paris, France
03 Nov 2017 Fri International Tutoring and Teaching Symposium Phoenix, Arizona
27 Jul 2017 Thu Presenting Meditation and Critical Thinking Research @ Ryerson University Toronto, Canada
12 Jan 2017 Thu The Qualitative Report Conference Nova Southeastern University
16 Nov 2016 Wed Online Learning Consortium Walt Disney World: Orlando, Florida
13 Sep 2016 Tue National Association for Personal Development Harvard University
20 May 2015 Wed Hope Alliance's "Domestic Violence" Event (Volunteer) The Art Institute of Austin
28 Apr 2015 Tue Hope Alliance's "Take Back the Night" Sexual Violence and Awareness Event (Volunteer) Austin Community College (ACC) Highland Campus
15 Apr 2015 Wed Williamson County Community Ties Event (Volunteer) Austin Community College (ACC) Cypress Creek
18 Apr 2015 Sat Turning Your Knowledge into a Brand: Let’s Do This! Austin, Texas
03 Mar 2015 Tue Start Your Private Tutoring Business Today: What You Need to Know! Online
07 Feb 2015 Sat Vision Board Workshop: Manifest Your Dreams! Austin, Texas
14 Sep 2013 Sat Kingdom Business Women Conference Austin, Texas
26 Mar 2013 Tue Association of the Tutoring Profession Conference Atlanta, GA, USA
01 Oct 2008 Wed Time to Teach Leadership Conference Charleston, South Carolina
01 Nov 2008 Sat National Geography Conference Natchitoches, Louisiana
01 Mar 2010 Mon Association of the Tutoring Profession Conference New Orleans, Louisiana
01 Mar 2011 Tue Association of the Tutoring Profession Conference Orlando, Florida
01 Jun 2011 Wed Supplementing Your Tutoring Income--Teleseminar Online

For Tutors & Tutor Business Owners

Take a data-driven approach to becoming a better tutor or expanding your tutoring practice. With Dr. Holland blueprints you are destined to do what you love by serving others. Interested?

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For K-12 Educators & Administrators

Are you looking to learn how to take tutoring to the classroom? How can your school incorporate a data-driven tutoring system that will increase student achievement significantly? Find out how Dr. Holland can help you.

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