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Welcome to My Website!

Dr. Alicia Holland, a distinguished and award-winning professor, researcher and intuitive life coach, is dedicated to helping others believe in themselves and go far. As a result, she goes above and beyond to share her knowledge with her students around the world and only takes on meaningful consulting work for the betterment of humanity.

Her research interests include the following: (a) Supplemental Educational Services (Tutoring); (b) Mathematics; (c) Teaching and Learning Online; (d) Meditation, Mindfulness, and Critical Thinking; (e) Spiritual Studies; (f) STEM; (g) Meditation and Creative Thinking; (h) Organizational Leadership and (i) English as a Second Language and Bilingual Education. Most of her research, including her well-received tutoring books, has been in these research areas.

Dr. Holland has consulted with a variety of learning organizations, including production companies on either designing or developing content for a given targeted audience. She develops and edits content in many different content areas, but her expertise lies in all aspects of Education, the Math and Sciences, Business, and Organizational Leadership.

Additionally, she also works with tutors and tutor business owners. By working with tutors and being a professional tutor herself, she uses her unique insight into the market to help established tutors and those just entering the field begin or advance their tutoring career as professional tutors or tutor business owners whether they desire to tutor face-to-face or even online. Her customizable services include premium content, resources, and coaching to ensure that they are on the right track according to their God-Given talents and life purpose.

Interested in working with Dr. Holland? Please fill out the contact form with detailed information regarding your project or specific academic or life coaching needs.